RESTORE: A Benefit for Survivors of Modern Slavery

Bromwell’s Gallery is proud to present

Stop Traffick Fashion presents RESTORE: A Benefit for Survivors of Modern Slavery, to benefit Hagar USA (


Music by:
…-Robbie Reider
-Ryan Adcock (
-Ashley Peacock
-Brad Martin
-Kristen Budde
-Laura Hellebusch

Art by:
-Collin Rowland (
-Scott Fairchild
-Evan Hildebrandt
-Alison Shepard
-Dan Augur

Stop Traffick Fashion ( is a boutique that sells jewelry, bags, and t-shirts made by survivors of trafficking. Merchandise will be for sale at RESTORE.

All admission ($10 at the door) will go to Hagar USA and there will be other opportunities to donate, as well.
-Raffle Prizes
-20% of art sales from Collin Rowland & Scott Fairchild
-20% of sales from Stop Traffick Fashion

Hagar is an international organization that operates in Cambodia, Vietnam and Afghanistan and provides long-term rehabilitation and aftercare for women and children who have been rescued from slavery or other domestic abuse. Their motto is “whatever it takes for as long as it takes to restore a broken life.” You can learn more about them at

*Sponsored by:*
Stop Traffick Fashion
Yelp Cincinnati
Cincy Chic
Hill’s Compounding Pharmacy
The Nostalgia Company
Snoack StudiosSee More

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The art of Rebecca Weller

A staple of Bromwell’s Gallery is the wonderful art of Rebecca Weller.

Using a Cincinnati Art Academy education as her foundation, Rebecca Weller has spent the last several years studying and working out of her studio. An exploration of the master’s styles and techniques has served well the development of her unique and evolving style. A strikingly narrow range of colors and a painterly hand, combined with a deft combination of thin glazing and opaque layers of paint, characterize the Asian-inspired paintings created by Weller.

Rebecca is currently showing at Bromwell’s Gallery.  Come by and see her amazing work!

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The Rich and The Earth. Works by Rebecca Weller opening November 13th!

Join us for the next Bromwell’s Gallery opening!  Recent works by Rebeca Weller opening

 November 13th 6-9pm
For me “the rich and the earth” is a body of work that represents over 3 years of exploration of technique and subject matter. This title holds multiple meanings for me. 
Technically I love to see the juxtaposition of thick rich brushwork pitted against stained more earthy sections of canvas. I feel that in order to create interest I have tried to balance a heavy hand with a more free flowing organic way of painting. I have also chosen to layer rich and vibrant colors against earthy browns and greens in order to draw out the skin tones in the subject and to add contrast. 

 From a symbolic standpoint, while painting these images I have tried to capture a type of rootedness in each of these individuals. I wanted to choose depictions of people that seem rich in their connectedness to the earth and to their history. I tried to choose images that could not quite be placed in time in order to create an eternal quality and to amplify the sense of being tied to and comfortable in the now moment.   Leaving most of the backgrounds ambiguous is another way I have chosen to communicate a sense of being cradled and enveloped by time and space. Though most of these paintings are images of individuals, I tried to create a feeling of centeredness in terms of relationship. I wanted to  communicate a groundedness that stems from feeling accepted and knit together with others.

Bromwell’s Gallery is located at 117 west 4th street in Downtown Cincinnati.  Gallery hours are Monday-Saturday 9-5pm

Also showing in our Lounge Gallery, Megan Triantafillou

Megan Heekin Triantafillou was born in Columbus, Ohio. She moved
to Cincinnati in 1987. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from
the Art Academy of Cincinnati in 2001. Megan paints at Brazee
Street Studios in Oakley. She believes that working in a creative
environment helps to inspire her. Megan’s paintings are abstract,
nonobjective representations of aspects relating to nature and
spirituality. Megan uses atmospheric blending with straight color
application to promote an interesting depth perspective in her works.

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REBIRTH: a group photography exhibit at Bromwell’s Gallery

Frightening, joyous, changing, challenging, cleansing, new, painful and exuberant, are just a few of the many words that have described the act of giving birth. In the midst of these words comes the juxtaposition of emotion, enlightenment, pain and intense pleasure that can only be fully understood by the individual involved in the process. Although everyone who encounters someone who has gone through a “birth” can see something is different, something has changed.
The work of Collin Rowland,  Jun and Kathleen Wilke will take the viewer on a journey into the depths of breaking down, building up or simply enjoying the moment of Rebirth!
Join us on September 25th from 6-9pm for this opening, you will not want to miss it!

Then join us for a night of Mid-Point Music Festival starting at 9!

Kathleen Wilke
Collin Rowland

Also opening in our lounge gallery, the paintings of Jessie Boone
We are also happy to bring dancer Idrissa Ekundayo in as a part of this months installation. Ekundayo, will be performing Butoh movement and modern dance at the opening!

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Dan Duttons “You’ll Always Come Back”, is back!!!

Dan Dutton, who recently performed at Bromwell’s Gallery, will be performing “You’ll Always Come Back” at the Spalding Ballroom 420 South 4th St.

Louisville, KY on September 11th. 

You will not want to miss this show!

For more details check out Dan’s websites: and

Photo by the wonderful Elena Dorfman

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Let’s do this

A letter to Citybeat writer Steven Rosen who wrote:
State of the Arts: What’s Missing? Greater Cincinnati’s arts scene is strong, but here are a few ways it be made even stronger

Hello Steven,
My name is Evan Hildebrandt and I am a local full-time artist, as well as, the gallery director at Bromwell’s Gallery in downtown Cincinnati.
I am a huge supporter of the arts in Cincinnati and was recently the project manager of a mural in Sayler Park, through Artworks. I have also been working with an amazing acting/art/music/installation troupe* out of Louisville and have been learning a lot about the huge effects that private financing for specific art projects has. Something that has come to mind has been patron based financing for specific arts projects. The troupe I’m working with is financed by the owners of the 21C museum hotel in Louisville, Steve Wilson and Laura Lee Brown, who are personally involved in the work.

As much as I think it is very important to give money to arts organizations, I believe it is very seldom a patron actually gets involved in an artists life. I truly believe that it would make a significant impact on the arts scene in Cincinnati, if patrons personally sought out artist to finance and help grow. Even getting to know the artist on a personal level and really believing in the ideas a specific artists is working on. This is something I am trying to cultivate into the patrons I personally have as an artist, and into the patrons I have through my gallery. I believe we need to inform art patrons at large, what an impact they would have if they would seek out artists that they feel strongly about, and cultivate a true relationship with them. To actually sit down with an artist, who’s work they believe in and really get to know them. Not just for the financial support, but also for the cultural enrichment of getting to know an artist and seeing one of the artists projects completed because of their support.
I was recently listening to market place money on 91.7, and heard a very good story about patrons commissioning work from artists. Here is the link if you would like to take a listen:

In short, I think that if arts lovers came together and began to support an artists idea, financially and on a personal level, the arts would have a newly revived spirit that would really make an impact!

I would really like to know what you think about this and maybe even work with me to get the word out.

Thanks so much for writing articles like this! We need Cincinnati to continue growing as an arts community! The artists in Cincinnati have so much to offer, we just need support and really want to work.

Evan Hildebrandt



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Bromwell’s Gallery has a new website!

We are proud to announce our new website! Made by Paul Neff, the website is a wonderful addition to the gallery. Enjoy!

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