Tina Tammaro Lecture at Bromwell’s!

Bromwell’s art gallery has the distinct pleasure of hosting a lecture by renowned artist and art history lecturer Tina Tammaro!
On Thursday, September 17th at 7 pm, Tina will give a lecture on the pressence of the human figure in contemporary art and its connection to the art of the past.

Tina is a frequent contributor to numerous international magazines and was the contributing editor of The Artist’s Magazine from 1997-2007. She has given lectures at the Whitney Museum of American Art, The Art Academy of Cincinnati, and many other distinguished institutions. She has received several artists grants, and her personal work is in numerous collections around the country.

Tina’s lecture will be geared toward the art collector, who would like to be better educated about what to look for when buying contemporary art pieces. Whether you have been collecting art for a long time or just starting, Tina’s lecture will prove to be beneficial and not to be missed.

Doors open at 6, so come early for light refreshments and another view of our current show “In The Flesh”.  Then stay late after the lecture for a sneak peak at our 3rd floor where we will have more exhibit space for the artists we represent.  It will be a great night of art and education!

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