Bromwell’s Gallery is proud to present: “REPRESENT”
Opening Reception November 6th from 6-9 pm. Bromwell’s will showcase our stable of unbelievable artists that we currently represent. With work ranging from printmaking, abstract paintings, to photography and sculpture, REPRESENT is sure to satisfy your creative cravings.
Also featuring club DJ and various vittles to tantilize your tastebuds.
Artists include:
Kevin Auzenne, Josh Beeman, Ken Landon Buck, Rachel Gillen, Evan Hildebrandt, Ann Jennemann, Jun, Tracy McClorey, Lori Schuller Morrison, Barry Motes, Kurt Nicaise, Collin Rowland, Keith Rutowski, Thom Shaw,  Alison Shepard,  Stephanie Sypsa, Tina Tammaro, Rebecca Weller

Here is a sneak peak!

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One response to “REPRESENT

  1. pilar

    wow – that looks like it will be an epic show! wish i were closer! have a great one!

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