Upcoming Events

Bromwell’s Gallery is pleased to annouce our upcoming shows

April 10 6-9pm

Our Beauty Flows Like Water

New works by Alison Shepard

On February 11th, 2010 the day of my 35th birthday, I took a trip to the Cincinnati Art Museum with my husband. Just as we were climbing the stairs to the grand entrance of the museum, an older gentleman was leaving and held the door for us. As he did this he said, “Welcome! Come inside–the show is about to begin!” Surprised at this charming greeting, we stepped inside the foyer, and indeed he was right, the show was about to begin, for there was a docent waiting there ready to give us a tour of the Cincinnati Wing. The docent’s face was warm and kind and he had an almost angelic presence about him. Although my husband and I had intended on just doing a bit of leisurely wandering about the museum that day, something told us to accept this man’s offer for a tour of the Cincinnati Wing. As he led us through the galleries, we were graced with a wonderful window into the rich history of art and talent that has passed through our city in the last 150 years. Listening to this man, I found myself becoming intrigued by Cincinnati’s wealth of creative energies. I have visited the Cincinnati Wing many times since its inception. Throughout the last few years, I’ve brought my students to these galleries on several field trips. We’ve spent a lot of time drawing the sculptures, as well as looking at the paintings, admiring the antique furniture and Rookwood pottery. However, there was something different about this visit. In our dialogue with this docent, I began to see Cincinnati through a different set of perceptual lenses. I felt a renewed sense of pride in my hometown, and it was then that I also saw a vision of Cincinnati undergoing a kind of creative re-birth. Suddenly, I knew that I simply had to do something about this new vision of my city. I had to get it down on paper, on canvas: a celebration of Cincinnati’s beauty, past, present and future. It is both strange and wonderful how serendipitous events such as this one can become the creative fodder for shifting your entire window of sight. For me, it is another reminder that there are no coincidences. Being an artist and musician has trained me to keep my eyes and ears open for moments and events to steer my next creative endeavor. As a creative person, my dream is to reflect the Great Creator. So far, this dream has served me well, and I am incredibly grateful for all of the gifts of inspiration I have received throughout my life. It is my hope that with this particular gift, received on my birthday, that I would give something back to my city, and give something to you my viewers: a new vision of how ‘Our Beauty Flows Like Water’.


May 29th 6-9

You’ll Always Come Back

A new work by Dan Dutton

 You’ll Always Come Back, a new work by Dan Dutton, evokes a 19th century family farm, a legendary spring, an ancient oak, Pennsylvania Dutch “hexen” magic, Yoruba myth, a Civil War battle, and the life time of Pete Dutton, “born in slavery, died free.” A mix of fantasy and family history, it unfolds over a 12-hour performance in an installed environment. Dutton envisions the ancestors as denizens of an invisible world perpetually renewed by performance. He weaves a richly textured fabricof painting, video, sculpture and costume design, dance, songs andstories, performed by a collective of musicians, dancers and visualartists. At Bromwell’s Gallery, the site-specific performance/installationwill comprise visual art, sculpture and costume, storytelling, video projection, a concert of songs and a dance party. The 8 piece ensemble of musicians for YACB includes members of Cincinnati-based jazz-hiphop band ISWHAT?! and the Louisville-based avant garde group Ut Gret. YACB will premiere at Bromwell’s on Saturday, May 29th, followed by aseries of performances culminating in the August installation inLouisville, presented by the Kentucky School of Art and sponsored by21C Museum.


July 24th 6-9pm

 Not An Easy Road

 Works by Thom Shaw -Description coming soon!

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