Bromwell’s Gallery presents: Dan Dutton’s- You’ll Always Come Back Sponsored by 21C museum

Bromwell’s Gallery is located at -117 west 4th street in downtown Cincinnati
Date of opening-May 29th from 6pm-9pm Closing date,July 17th
Cost-this is a free event


You’ll Always Come Back, a new work of performance/installation art by Dan Dutton, is a mix of fantasy and family history. Evocations of a 19th century family farm, a legendary spring, an ancient oak,Pennsylvania Dutch “hexen” magic, Yoruba myth, a Civil War battle, and the life time of Pete Dutton, “born in slavery, died free” – are all part of a 12 hour long performance in an installed environment. You’ll Always Come Back, envisions the ancestors as denizens of an invisible world perpetually renewed by performance. In Dutton’s case this involves painting, video, sculpture and costume design, dance, songs and stories performed by a collective of musicians, dancers and visual artists.

At Bromwell’s Gallery, the site specific performance/installation will include visual art, sculpture and costume, storytelling, video projection, a concert of songs and a dance party. The 8 piece ensemble of musicians for YACB includes members of Cincinnati based, jazz-hiphop band ISWHAT?! and the Louisville-based avant garde group Ut Gret. The opening and performance at Bromwell’s will be on Saturday, the 29th of May, followed by a series of performances culminating in the August installation in Louisville, presented by the Kentucky School of Art, and sponsored by 21C Museum.

Important note!!!
The installation will open at 6 pm, the performance extracts will begin at 7. Bromwell’s is expecting a large crowd, perhaps more than the gallery can handle, so if you want to be sure to see the performance from the beginning, be there before 7 pm. If you arrive after 7, you may have to wait until the halfway intermission to come up to the 2nd floor installation space.

For more info about Dan Dutton, please check out his blog here:
Bromwell’s transformation! Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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