Let’s do this

A letter to Citybeat writer Steven Rosen who wrote:
State of the Arts: What’s Missing? Greater Cincinnati’s arts scene is strong, but here are a few ways it be made even stronger

Hello Steven,
My name is Evan Hildebrandt and I am a local full-time artist, as well as, the gallery director at Bromwell’s Gallery in downtown Cincinnati. http://www.bromwellsgallery.com
I am a huge supporter of the arts in Cincinnati and was recently the project manager of a mural in Sayler Park, through Artworks. I have also been working with an amazing acting/art/music/installation troupe* out of Louisville and have been learning a lot about the huge effects that private financing for specific art projects has. Something that has come to mind has been patron based financing for specific arts projects. The troupe I’m working with is financed by the owners of the 21C museum hotel in Louisville, Steve Wilson and Laura Lee Brown, who are personally involved in the work.

As much as I think it is very important to give money to arts organizations, I believe it is very seldom a patron actually gets involved in an artists life. I truly believe that it would make a significant impact on the arts scene in Cincinnati, if patrons personally sought out artist to finance and help grow. Even getting to know the artist on a personal level and really believing in the ideas a specific artists is working on. This is something I am trying to cultivate into the patrons I personally have as an artist, and into the patrons I have through my gallery. I believe we need to inform art patrons at large, what an impact they would have if they would seek out artists that they feel strongly about, and cultivate a true relationship with them. To actually sit down with an artist, who’s work they believe in and really get to know them. Not just for the financial support, but also for the cultural enrichment of getting to know an artist and seeing one of the artists projects completed because of their support.
I was recently listening to market place money on 91.7, and heard a very good story about patrons commissioning work from artists. Here is the link if you would like to take a listen: http://marketplace.publicradio.org/display/web/2010/08/26/pm-you-too-can-be-a-patron-of-the-arts/

In short, I think that if arts lovers came together and began to support an artists idea, financially and on a personal level, the arts would have a newly revived spirit that would really make an impact!

I would really like to know what you think about this and maybe even work with me to get the word out.

Thanks so much for writing articles like this! We need Cincinnati to continue growing as an arts community! The artists in Cincinnati have so much to offer, we just need support and really want to work.

Evan Hildebrandt



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2 responses to “Let’s do this

  1. Tim

    I too believe that it is way past time for art patrons to take a personal interest in helping nurture artists in Cincinnati. As the past president of the Cincinnati Art Club, I know first hand of the tremendous talent that resides in the greater Cincinnati area.
    If a patron took a personal and financial interest in an aspriing artist, the resulting creative beauty would fill our city for years to come.

    Cincinnati has a tremendous history with many nationaly and internationally know artists. It is time to encourage this legacy for future generations.

    If you are interested in such an endevor and simply need help finding an artist to help call me and I will send you information on as many as you may care to interview.

    Tim Boone

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