REBIRTH: a group photography exhibit at Bromwell’s Gallery

Frightening, joyous, changing, challenging, cleansing, new, painful and exuberant, are just a few of the many words that have described the act of giving birth. In the midst of these words comes the juxtaposition of emotion, enlightenment, pain and intense pleasure that can only be fully understood by the individual involved in the process. Although everyone who encounters someone who has gone through a “birth” can see something is different, something has changed.
The work of Collin Rowland,  Jun and Kathleen Wilke will take the viewer on a journey into the depths of breaking down, building up or simply enjoying the moment of Rebirth!
Join us on September 25th from 6-9pm for this opening, you will not want to miss it!

Then join us for a night of Mid-Point Music Festival starting at 9!

Kathleen Wilke
Collin Rowland

Also opening in our lounge gallery, the paintings of Jessie Boone
We are also happy to bring dancer Idrissa Ekundayo in as a part of this months installation. Ekundayo, will be performing Butoh movement and modern dance at the opening!

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